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Business Cases

Identification of investment segments and targets in the circular industry for an investment fund | Eleven

Identification of investment segments and targets in the circular industry for an investment fund

eleven brought its expertise in CSR-related business issues to assist an investment fund in the analysis of key segments of the circular industry as well…


Neurotech industry assessment | Eleven

Neurotech industry assessment

Study of the NeuroTech market for a world leader in luxury goods and characterization of the maturity of this industry in order to identify relevant…


Conducting a strategic buyer due diligence on the French leader in online sale of second-hand furniture | Eleven

Conducting a strategic buyer due diligence on the French leader in online sale of second-hand furniture

Our client, Creadev, a Private Equity and Venture Capital investment fund, called upon eleven to analyze the perspective of an investment in Selency, the French…


Optimizing energy consumption in industry through data science | Eleven

Optimizing energy consumption in industry through data science

Eleven's strategy and data scientists have supported a leading French MES publisher specialized in animal nutrition with the design and development of a new production…


Defining a new service offer to monitor the energy efficiency of buildings | Eleven

Defining a new service offer to monitor the energy efficiency of buildings

Opportunity assessment and definition of a strategy for the launch of a new service offering to monitor and optimize the energy consumption of tertiary buildings


Augmented reality for network maintenance | Eleven

Augmented reality for network maintenance

eleven supported the creation of a solution to help non-experts maintain fiber optic networks using computer vision and augmented reality guidance


pile of old broken mobile phones with pink background

Growth strategy in the circular economy

Construction of the mid-term strategy of a leader in the purchase and resale of refurbished terminals, and the associated financial trajectory


Poyabbrücke im Bau, Freiburg, Schweiz

Eco-design in the construction sector

For the European leader in precast concrete, design of a bridge made of reused concrete blocks, thanks to a traceability solution using IoT and RFID…


Electric car in the city

Definition of an Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP) deployment strategy

Strategic ideation and writing of an action plan around the opportunities linked to the development of electric cars and charging stations for a major parking…


Optimization of automotive lubricant delivery | Eleven

Optimization of automotive lubricant delivery

Development of a connected service providing visibility on customers' automotive lubricant consumption and optimizing deliveries


Reducing the carbon footprint of vehicle fleets | Eleven

Reducing the carbon footprint of vehicle fleets

Development of a new connected service to limit the carbon emissions of vehicle fleets for a world leader in energy


Maintenance optimization | Eleven

Maintenance optimization

Extending the life of road assets through predictive maintenance for a world leader in road concession  


Reduction of raw material requirements | Eleven

Reduction of raw material requirements

Streamlining of sprinkler network production processes to reduce steel requirements and reduce unusable scrap while optimizing team time spent on network generation


Increasing data reliability | Eleven

Increasing data reliability

Increasing data reliability for a large French retail bank


Transformation through data | Eleven

Transformation through data

Leading the data transformation of a major French retail bank


Data use cases prioritization | Eleven

Data use cases prioritization

Prioritization and acceleration of high added value data use cases for a leading energy supplier in France


Data-augmented agriculture | Eleven

Data-augmented agriculture

Identification of new data-powered business opportunities in the agricultural space for a leading tire manufacturer


Differentiation through service | Eleven

Differentiation through service

Identification and prioritization of digital growth opportunities mainly stemming from the analysis of a disruptive competitor for a leading environmental services player


Leveraging building information modeling (BIM) | Eleven

Leveraging building information modeling (BIM)

Increase of assets lifetime through predictive models relying on data and on an interactive visualization platform (BIM) generating business and CSR upsides for a construction…


New urban mobility | Eleven

New urban mobility

Development of new shared mobility, soft mobility and ticketless mobility business models for a leading public transport company in France


Fuel consumption optimization | Eleven

Fuel consumption optimization

Design, roll-out and industrialisation of a digital platform optimizing fuel consumption through a "give-to-take" logic with customers


Data quality improvement | Eleven

Data quality improvement

Data quality improvement for a global leader in the luxury industry


Data-augmented coaching | Eleven

Data-augmented coaching

Design and development of a disruptive A.I. program for online public speaking coaching


Workforce allocation | Eleven

Workforce allocation

Workforce allocation optimisation for a major airlines catering and cleaning service provider


Churn prevention | Eleven

Churn prevention

Customer retention improvement for a major telecommunication operator


Prediction of financial drifts | Eleven

Prediction of financial drifts

Prediction of financial drifts of business unites part of global energy leader


A.I. models explainability | Eleven

A.I. models explainability

Support of a major French services operator in his reflexions on A.I. audit and models' explainability


Data macro strategy | Eleven

Data macro strategy

Data strategy and project roadmap definition for a leading bank insurance player in France


Digital services in the aeronautics | Eleven

Digital services in the aeronautics

Definition of digital products and services for the airfcraft cabin for a leading aeronautic player


Digitalization of sale channels | Eleven

Digitalization of sale channels

Creation of new digital distribution channels for an electrical equipment manufacturer


3-year strategic roadmap | Eleven

3-year strategic roadmap

Accompaniment of a French real estate developer in the construction of its 3-year digital strategy and in the identification of key projects to be launched


Smart Process Automation | Eleven

Smart Process Automation

Automatic extraction of customer information for KYC processes


Diesel fuel pricing | Eleven

Diesel fuel pricing

Development of a price prediction algorithm for a major bulk diesel fuel seller


AI Program Transformation | Eleven

AI Program Transformation

Digital innovation acceleration for a global construction leader


Creation and launch of an IoT department | Eleven

Creation and launch of an IoT department

Creation and launch of the "IoT Fab" of a rail transport group which aim is to coordinate and support the development of the group's IoT…


Start-up Factory | Eleven

Start-up Factory

Acceleration and industrialization of disruptive BtoB solutions for a major energy player as part of its internal Start-up Factory


Certification by blockchain | Eleven

Certification by blockchain

Prototyping of a Blockchain-based diploma certification solution for an institutional player in the accounting sector in France


Marketing strategy and offer | Eleven

Marketing strategy and offer

Analysis of the member and customer base of the European leader in online sales of sporting goods


360° digital transformation | Eleven

360° digital transformation

Definition of the 3-year digital strategy of the European leader in motorcycle safety equipment


Benchmark of competitors’ prices | Eleven

Benchmark of competitors’ prices

Analysis of the discount levels displayed by the main competitors of the European leader in motorcycle equipment on the most visited e-commerce websites in France


Data-driven transformation | Eleven

Data-driven transformation

Definition and prioritization of data use cases for the finance department of a major player in the food industry 


Computer Vision | Eleven

Computer Vision

Reduction of costs associated with construction site preparation for a historical monuments renovation player


Data-augmented building site monitoring | Eleven

Data-augmented building site monitoring

Building site monitoring improvement for a global constrction leader


Railway predictive maintenance | Eleven

Railway predictive maintenance

Design of an optimized maintenance strategy for a railway concessionaire


5-axis marketing | Eleven

5-axis marketing

Marketing campaign efficiency improvement for a leading banking player


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