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Data quality improvement

Data quality improvement for a global leader in the luxury industry

Our client, a world leader in the luxury goods industry, has mandated eleven to help them improve the reliability of their customer databases and the efficiency of their CRM activities.

eleven carried out an in-depth assessment of the quality of the existing customer databases using big data tools, defined levers to improve data quality relying on a more adapted data collection (redesign of the customer journey), and made recommandations on downstream management (data model, cataloguing…). The CRM database clean-up helped improve customer knowledge.

Eet a défini des leviers d’amélioration de la qualité de la donnée fondés sur une collecte mieux adaptée (refonte du parcours du client), et des recommandations sur la gestion avale (modèle de données, catalogage, etc.). L’assainissement de la base de CRM a permis d’améliorer la connaissance client.


of duplicate identified and removed from the customer database

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