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Financial services

The financial services ecosystem is today complex, with a variety of specialized and generalist players, new or historical, ranging from data providers to customer services for banking, investment and insurance needs.

The ecosystem is facing major disruptions brought by technological evolutions, which are currently reshuffling value generation in the ecosystem, especially in a context of low rates:

  • Value chain fragmentation with innovative FinTech players disrupting high-margin segments with superior value proposition
  • Democratization of a high-quality individualized service, with startups delivering premium services historically only offered to high profile clients
  • Expansion of the competitive scope with new players like FinTech or GAFA players
  • Growing impact of regulation from EU and Basel Committee

These disruptions raise key questions for incumbent stakeholders in the financial services ecosystem:

  • How to leverage customers’ data to provide personalized offer ?
  • How to deal with customers’ data collection and security?
  • How to rethink my portfolio of services vs. FinTech players

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