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Strategic due diligence

The main objectives of private equity funds are to be able to identify good investment opportunities and to secure a successful resale.

Eleven offers support covering the entire investment cycle from buy-side due diligence to sell-side due diligence. We focus our analysis of core-tech and brick & mortar assets on the following issues:

  • What are the risks of disruption for a brick & mortar asset? What are the potential growth drivers offered by data and digital technologies for these assets?
  • How can we identify the best investment opportunities in targets offering breakthrough technological innovations or new business models (software publishers, digital service companies, platforms, etc.)?
  • What are the digital- and data-related opportunities for core participations?
  • How can we use a company’s technological skills to increase its value?


Eleven’s approach to due diligence work is characterised by the desire to provide our clients with synoptic and conclusive elements so they can make the best investment decisions. We stand out by our in-depth knowledge of the sectors in which we operate, our unique digital and data expertise, evidence-based analysis and research, our exchanges with market experts and consumers, and our critical look at business assets.

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