Electric car in the city

Definition of an Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP) deployment strategy

Strategic ideation and writing of an action plan around the opportunities linked to the development of electric cars and charging stations for a major parking operator in the world

eleven’s strategy consultants assisted the European leader in parking in its analysis of the deployment of recharging infrastructures for electric vehicles in order to (1) meet regulatory obligations (e.g., the French LOM law), (2) respond to the expectations of its customers (particularly with regard to CSR) and (3) turn it into a business opportunity.

Indeed, the dominant position of our client and its geographical coverage make it a natural candidate to position itself and offer its customers – individuals as well as companies – accessible charging solutions.

In order to define the strategy of its client, eleven conducted a detailed benchmark of current initiatives in terms of technology and strategy, and carried out analyses of customer consumption habits, potential economic levers and geographical specificities. The strategy was then developed into an actionable plan (CAPEX, OPEX, EBITDA), with precise guidelines for deployment in four European countries.

In this way, the client contributes to the energy transition towards less polluting alternatives and to the reduction of emissions linked to the personal transportation of users.

Strengthening consumer interest in cleaner transportation by solving a strong pain point related to vehicle charging

Launch of a new service with a positive ROI, complementary to the core business

Acceleration and optimization of EVCP deployment

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