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Benchmark of competitors’ prices

Analysis of the discount levels displayed by the main competitors of the European leader in motorcycle equipment on the most visited e-commerce websites in France

For the European leader in motorcycle safety equipment, Eleven has implemented an algorithm that enables to automate the scraping of the sales prices displayed and the discount levels applied by the main e-commerce sites in the industry, and thus to compare the price display of the client’s products with those of its main competitors.

This algorithm can be used both as an input for the daily negotiations with retailers to control the pricing policy defined by the brands, and as a support for the adaptation of selling prices of the main references during the destocking periods (sales), in order to ensure that they are highlighted in the search engines of e-commerce sites.

Compared to actual sales figures, this data allows causal links to be established between the level of discount and conversion in order to optimize the overall pricing of the client’s products.

Turnkey algorithm to compare the discount level on 3 e-commerce websites

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