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Luxury Houses are aiming to embark customers in a tailored and empowering journey mixing innovation and timelesness. To fufill this goal in an ever-evolving market and unlatch new growth levers, Luxury Houses are adapting their strategy and processes. We are supporting players of the Luxury industry in this move, in particular on the following key challenges:

  • Data-driven strategy – ensure you can detect head key market evolutions impacting your business and adapt your strategy accordingly, with a blend of Data Analytics, Data Science and strategic thinking
  • CSR and data privacy – answer customer expectations while maximizing business capabilities, with a blend of CSR-strategy, process optimization and Privacy-driven approach
  • Contactability boost – ensure that you can optimaly nurture your relationship with your customers, with a blend of Digital (e.g., account management process optimization, digitalization and omnichannel strategy) and Data (e.g., data privacy and data management)
  • Tailoring & sales conversion boost – ensure that you push the appropriate product at the right time to the right customer, with a blend of data analytics, artificial intelligence and journey optimization
  • Omnichannel experience – ensure you can offer your customers a smooth experience over all channels, with a blend of customer journey optimization and data strategy
  • Data & Digital team structuration and growth – assist you on the construction and consolidation your Data & Digital teams

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