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About eleven

eleven is the first European strategy consulting firm specifically founded to accompany its clients in their transformation to adapt to the new paradigm of the digital and AI (artificial intelligence) economy thanks to a novel combination of strategic analysis, an entrepreneurial approach and a strong proximity to the digital and data ecosystem.

At a glance

A new paradigm: thanks to AI, the digital revolution that began three decades ago is experiencing new untapped possibilities for value creation. This is maximised by effectively combining the best of digital technologies and data.

Our unique positioning: eleven was founded to respond specifically to the strategic challenges posed by the digital transformation and AI and assist company decision-makers in the strategic initiation, implementation and then industrialisation of transformational projects.


A unique combination of skills: eleven’s expertise lies in its unique ability to combine strategic analysis skills and technological mastery with data science know-how, thanks to more than 50 consultants who are continuously trained to be at the cutting edge of the latest innovations.

An entrepreneurial spirit uncovering new technological trends and new business models: our culture is based on agility and entrepreneurship, which, combined with a low-cost structure, allows us to offer an optimal and proven return on investment in our clients’ projects.


CSR at the heart of eleven’s DNA: our approach allows our clients’ projects to meet CSR expectations. Indeed, thanks to our mastery of digital and data levers, we can monitor, prove and objectify the financial and CSR impacts of our projects.

Always ready to take on challenges: We believe that the companies that are best prepared to face the current health crisis are those that have a precise mastery of the digital and data levers of value creation.

About eleven | Eleven


We offer studies on the subjects of growth by exploiting the value creation levers that data and digital technologies offer. To do this, we are developing a “problem solving” approach that combines the issues of prioritisation and stakeholder alignment: general management, business teams, digital and data teams, etc.

About eleven | Eleven


Historically, eleven has always been involved in project execution: this feeds into our thinking while avoiding unrealistic recommendations. It has become systematic for us to tackle this construction by meeting our eventual partners at the end of each strategic project.


About eleven | Eleven


In recent years, innovation projects have for too long been confined to POCs that offer little or no ROI. To avoid this pitfall, eleven takes into account the constraints linked to industrialisation from the earliest stages of a project’s development to deliver a high-impact project with measurable value creation.

About eleven | Eleven


Eleven assists investment funds in the sale and purchase of tech-core or tech-enabled assets. Thus, we carry out both the commercial due diligence of these assets and the complementary data and digital due diligence.

Our values

  • Goodwill and humanity
  • Self-sufficiency and individual responsibility
  • Intellectual honesty and long-term positive impact
  • Agility and value creation
  • A Tech x Business x Data culture
  • Passion and innovation
  • An enterprising spirit and concrete actions

Our Partners

The SeaCleaners is a non-profit association founded in 2016 by the sailor Yvan Bourgnon.
It acts on land and at sea against plastic pollution in a preventive and corrective manner for a pollution-free ocean.

Eleven supports The SeaCleaners since 2018.

Created in 1982, l’Union des Professeurs de Sciences et Techniques Industrielles (Union of Professors of Industrial Sciences and Techniques) builds and federates a network of more than 700 teachers of Engineering Sciences, spread over more than 200 public or private high schools, working in the Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles (CPGE) in science.

The UPSTI is a founding member of the Conférence des Classes Préparatoires and an associate member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. The UPSTI is also a think tank for the future of engineering education in the CPGEs in order to adapt it to the challenges of tomorrow.

Our CSR commitments

Eleven strives to offer a business model based on ethics, sharing, mutual respect and a commitment to sustainable development and respect for the environment.
We have an internal charter to optimise our energy consumption and reduce our environmental impact to make Eleven a greener and more responsible company.
We encourage our consultants to favour soft mobility and to adopt responsible behaviour.
In addition, Eleven has been supporting civic associations for many years. This commitment as a sponsor reflects the values of sharing and mutual aid that we wish to promote on a daily basis within our company.

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Our customers

We advise high-level decision-makers who want to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by data and digital technologies and help them to stay at the forefront of innovation.


Large companies and medium-sized innovative businesses

Grandes entreprises et entreprises innovantes de taille intermédiaires


International investment funds

Fonds d’investissements internationaux

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