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Optimizing energy consumption in industry through data science

Eleven’s strategy and data scientists have supported a leading French MES publisher specialized in animal nutrition with the design and development of a new production optimization offer for their customers.

In the space of a few years, the efficient management of production lines has become a crucial issue, both in terms of soaring energy costs and the structural need to reduce our global energy consumption.

In this context, we can now take resilience measures to limit our exposure to energy risks. This is of course achieved through energy efficiency, but also through optimization, by making the most of the tools available to us, namely data science and artificial intelligence.

Eleven supported its client in various areas: first, in mapping its industrial processes, then in obtaining a good understanding of the available action levers, and finally, in modelling this complex system of animal feed production.

This assignment resulted in a new software offer that can be integrated into all target production lines, allowing a reduction in energy consumption – and associated costs – as well as a significant increase in production output.

Creation of a new Artificial Intelligence SaaS offer for our client

10% reduction in energy consumption for end users

Average production output increased by 10% for end users

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