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Due diligence data

What makes eleven unique is that, whenever possible and whenever it creates value, we propose data science analyses within due diligence reports. These analyses provide additional viewpoints to help understand the positioning of the company in question and thus better assess the strengths and weaknesses of its assets.

Concretely, eleven has carried out the following work:

  • An analysis of customer journeys using sentiment analysis algorithms conducted on several tens of thousands of customer comments, allowing us to highlight any points of pain in comparison with our competitors,
  • A study of web traffic and sales trends to establish potential causal links and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns,
  • An evaluation of price positioning through comparison with all competitors.

In addition, in order to carry out these analyses, which require large quantities of data that are rarely available, especially in competitive buy-side processes, eleven is able to use scraping tools (data collection from the internet) to reconstitute missing data.

To carry out these assignments, eleven’s teams are made up of a unique mix of skills with consultants who master the understanding of strategic issues and data science tools.

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