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Defining a new service offer to monitor the energy efficiency of buildings

Opportunity assessment and definition of a strategy for the launch of a new service offering to monitor and optimize the energy consumption of tertiary buildings

Eleven assisted a world leader in the distribution of electrical equipment in the study of market opportunities related to the energy efficiency of tertiary buildings, and more particularly in digital tools allowing the monitoring and optimization of the consumption of these buildings. This opportunity study was conducted in conjunction with the definition of a strategy to launch a new offer on the market.

As a central player in the distribution of energy consuming systems and sub-systems within buildings worldwide, our client occupies an essential place in the energy and climate transition that the sector must make, now constrained by regulatory standards (e.g. BACS decree; tertiary decree) and increasing economic imperatives. This makes it a natural candidate to support building managers in monitoring their consumption and assessing the relevance of the systems and sub-systems they house, through new monitoring and consulting tools.

In order to characterize these opportunities, eleven has carried out a mapping of all the services enabling the transition of buildings as well as a sizing of the key markets and a detailed characterization of the competitive intensity of these markets. This market study was completed by an evaluation of the potential strategic synergies offered by new positioning with our client’s historical business model and by the definition of a precise roadmap for the launch of a new offer, including pricing considerations, trade-offs between partnership and internalization of competencies as well as a go-to-market strategy.

As a result, our client is actively participating in the development of a less energy-intensive and less carbon-intensive construction industry.

Need for commercial building managers to reduce the energy consumption of their buildings

Launch of a new digital service offer

Acceleration of the monitoring of the energy consumption of buildings

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