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Infrastructure & asset management

Infrastructure management is a complex activity involving many players: infrastructure owner, manager, regulators, service providers, etc.

For all these players, the emergence of new digital technologies is revolutionizing the way in which the various activities are carried out on the infrastructure and encouraging them to redefine the ways in which they work and collaborate on the infrastructure.

For instance, Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides a collaborative platform for different stakeholders by centralizing all structured infrastructure data. New entrants are gaining notoriety in the sector by offering standardized software solutions to host BIM models.

Similarly, digital technologies have fostered the emergence of new business models, driven by new players, that exploit asset sharing and asset light strategies (e.g., ZenPark or BePark for car parks). They radically change the way infrastructure is commercialized and the way value is distributed between owner and operator, often adding a new player who is in a strong position because of his privileged relationship with the end user.

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