eleven is the first ever European strategy firm specifically founded to address the challenges of the digital and data revolutions

Five complementary fields

Thanks to our unique blend of strategic capabilities and well-honed technical expertise, we are capable of devising and implementing strategies that fully leverage the range of opportunities the digital revolution et Artificial Intelligence bring.


I work both on the digital strategy and its technical applications, especially on data. It allows me to have a strategic and operational approach at the same time.

Polytechnique, PhD Université Pierre Marie Curie
Manager, Data Scientist


The open, creative and collaborative corporate culture of eleven leads us to work directly with the firm’s partners, and to be involved in the missions.

SENS Cachan, PhD Université Panthéon-Sorbonne

They joined eleven

eleven is the first ever European strategy firm specifically founded to address the challenges of the digital revolution

KENZA - Senior Consultante

Shortly after my arrival, I was entrusted with responsibilities and challenged. It allowed me to become reactive and resourceful.

HEC Paris, Tsinghua University (Beijing)
Senior Consultante

JEAN LOUP - Senior Consultant | Data Scientist

The firm culture makes it possible for a stimulating work atmosphere of quality. The close relationship with the partners contributed to making us feel part of the team. The exposure with the clients creates a genuine opportunity to be given responsibilities and autonomy.

Polytechnique, HEC Paris
Senior Consultant, Data Scientist

PIETRO - Senior Consultant | Data Scientist

After four years as a researcher in the academy, I found a place where I can harness the acquired competences in Data Sciences on real application.

Politecnico di milano, PHD centralesupelec
Senior Consultant, Data Scientist


eleven is the only European structure that ensures both prospectively thinking on the challenges of digital and leading concrete implementation projects, for example within the Start-up Studio.

Sciences Po Paris, London School of Economics


First, I was attracted by the company’s positioning, leveraging digital and new technologies as opportunities and growth drivers for companies.

Polytechnique, HEC Paris
Senior Consultant

HENRI- Senior Consultant

I appreciate the team spirit, the consultant’s exposure and the ability to build technical and operational skills notably through Start-up Studio and Data assignments.

Polytechnique, London School Economics
Senior Consultant, Data Scientist


That is the main reason why I joined eleven, which, thanks to its unique positioning, allows me to work on subjects that I love through the prism of strategy consulting.


HEC Paris‎


I chose to join eleven for main reasons: the unique positioning of the consultancy (focused on the digital revolution and its impact on businesses), the possibility given to consultants to work on Start-Up Studio missions

HEC Paris

eleven’s consultants are attentive to their customers and know how to effectively integrate a team. They are experienced in their field, always deliver extremely relevant summaries, and have an outstanding ability to adjust their register to the audience. eleven is a consultancy firm whose credible consultants perform strategic diagnoses to help define and implement action plans.
eleven’s consultants fully grasped our requirements. They then showed themselves to be highly responsive, extremely flexible and genuinely attentive to our teams – skills that are absolutely vital in the start-up phase of an activity.
eleven constitutes a guarantee of flawless professionalism, high ethical standards in the thick of the action and due attention to corporate social responsibility. Unlike other consultancy firms we have worked with in the past, eleven has always succeeded in suggesting innovative approaches that fit our company like a glove
eleven’s consultants bring an extensive skillset to the table, along with a high degree of flexibility. Their familiarity with complex projects constitutes a major asset in our environment.
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