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Optimization of operations’ performance

Complying with the sustainability objectives decided at the board level requires to redesign the way operations are conducted on the field.

This transformation can be considered as risky: sustainability actions deployed to reduce the environmental impact of operations should not threaten the efficiency of processes, and they must be widely understood and accepted across the organization to be effective.

At eleven, we believe that this transformation can be beneficial for both the environment and the company.
With data science and artificial intelligence as key enablers, it can generate extra value, for example by extending the durability of assets or by optimizing the consumption of resources in manufacturing process. With IoT and digital, performance improvements can be measured, and shared across the company and beyond. With change management, all stakeholders can be onboarded and adapt, at the benefit of the company and our planet. Eventually, designing an environmental performance monitoring scheme is be key to ensure environmental impacts are properly considered in operational decisions.

Business cases

Railway predictive maintenance | Eleven

Railway predictive maintenance

Design of an optimized maintenance strategy for a railway concessionaire


Poyabbrücke im Bau, Freiburg, Schweiz

Eco-design in the construction sector

For the European leader in precast concrete, design of a bridge made of reused concrete blocks, thanks to a traceability solution using IoT and RFID…


Reduction of raw material requirements | Eleven

Reduction of raw material requirements

Streamlining of sprinkler network production processes to reduce steel requirements and reduce unusable scrap while optimizing team time spent on network generation


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