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Low carbon strategy

Identify and prioritize environmental stakes and potential impact areas to build your company’s low-carbon strategy


Reducing the carbon footprint of companies is crucial.
However, for executives, having a precise overview of the carbon intensity of operations along the value chain as well as identifying the specific improvement areas of a company is a complex task, and so is setting realistic reduction targets. In addition, they must forecast the concrete impacts of the reduction of emissions to ensure the perennity of the business in the long-run.

At eleven, we propose a unique hands-on approach of low-carbon strategy based on our expertise in strategy, data, IoT and digital. We also leverage our experience of leading CSR methodologies to reconciliate the board room and the engine room and answer strategic questions such as:

  • What is the carbon intensity of my business?
  • How to prioritize my environmental actions, regarding both Scope 1&2 and Scope 3 emissions?
  • What levers could be activated to improve the environmental performance of my operations (Scope 1&2)
  • What offers could be launched to reduce the carbon footprint of suppliers or clients (Scope 3)?
  • What realistic engagements could be taken?

Business cases

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