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Industrial goods & services

The industrial goods and services sector refers to all material products and intangible services produced by companies. The industrial goods and services produced by these companies are mainly used for construction and manufacturing. Examples include companies in the chemical, agricultural, heavy industrial, defense and industrial machinery sectors, etc.

The arrival of digital technology in diverse aspects of the sector is changing the way to operate of historical players and posing new strategic challenges for companies in the market.

For example, the IoT (Internet of Things) or Internet of Things, allows data to be transmitted from objects and allows them to communicate with each other. Thus, the information collected offers, for example, the possibility for the various companies in the sector to improve their operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

Simultaneously, the digitalization of the industrial goods and services sector is leading to the formation of third-party platforms that create opportunities and intermediation risks. In particular, they can bypass the historical positions of the sector’s players or create conflicts between distribution channels, for example.

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