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Neurotech industry assessment

Study of the NeuroTech market for a world leader in luxury goods and characterization of the maturity of this industry

eleven consultants produced a study of the NeuroTech market for a world leader in luxury goods and characterized the maturity of this industry.

While neuroscience technologies have been around for decades (MRI scanners, electroencephalograms, etc…), the European Union’s Human Brain Project research program launched in 2015 gave this industry a new boost. The NeuroTech industry has experienced a significant boom since then with a growth in start-up investments and company use-cases around these subjects. Is this market promising in the long term? What are the structural dynamics? Is luxury concerned?

In this context, eleven first conducted an analysis of this industry through 3 themes. First, a formalization of the ecosystem to distinguish the types of actors, the competitive dynamics, and the resulting value sharing. Second, a study of NeuroTech technologies, which identified a lowering of barriers to entry, thanks in particular to the success of technologies based on the miniaturization of semiconductors, wireless transmissions and advances in artificial intelligence. Finally, a detailed analysis of investments to characterize the rise in fundraising (average growth in fundraising of +40% between 2013 and 2021)

eleven consultants then helped the teams of the world leader in luxury goods to identify and classify the use-cases with different stages of maturity in specific themes in order to estimate the maturity of the NeuroTech market segments (Healthcare, well-being, education, etc.). This assessment was then presented to the group’s Executive Committee.

Assessment of an industry’s maturity

50+ use cases identified

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