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Morand STUDER | Eleven



Morand boasts specific expertise in Business modelling gained through several cutting-edge projects he has been leading for global industry majors.

Morand is professor at the HEC Strategy & Management MSc, in charge of the course « From Digital to Big Data and AI »

Academics: Polytechnique, ENSAE, Sciences Po Paris, Singularity University

Ambroise HURET | Eleven

Ambroise HURET


Ambroise began his career as a strategy consultant within Booz.Allen & Hamilton’s Media and Technology practice. He then co-founded several start-ups sold to, Dassault Systems and Bearing Point.

Ambroise also teaches strategy at the HEC Paris MBA.

Academics: HEC Paris, Singularity University

Bertrand SEMAILLE | Eleven



After having joined the strategy practice of Bossard Consultants in Paris, Bertrand founded and led the consulting team of the Cap Gemini affiliate dedicated to digital strategy. Bertrand heads up eleven’s Parisian office. Bertrand teaches digital disruption at the HEC Paris MBA.

Academics: Sciences Po Paris

Christopher RISCHARD | Eleven

Christopher RISCHARD


After 10 years in the United States selling internet solutions, Christopher joined Booz&Co in Paris and later as a Principal in Madrid, focusing on digitalization strategy in EMEA. Following 8 years at Booz, he spent 4 years in London focused on digital disruption strategy as an independent before joining forces with the team at eleven.

Academics: ESSEC Paris, INSEAD MBA

Stevan URIEN | Eleven

Stevan URIEN


Stevan previously worked for several private equity investors in new technologies, where he led due diligences each time a high level of technical expertise was required. Since joining eleven, Stevan has developed specific expertise in disruptive innovation.

Academics: Polytechnique, ENSTA

Maxime CARO | Eleven

Maxime CARO


Maxime has 8 years experience in strategy and management consulting for top executives, with an emphasis on IT technology & data science related projects

Academics: Mines de Paris

Team | Eleven

After four years in risk management and a PhD in Economics, which allowed me to connect both the academic and professional worlds, I wanted to work in a consulting firm in strategy in order to use original methods and propose innovative solutions.

Théodora – Manager

ENS Cachan, PhD Université Panthéon-Sorbonne


Team | Eleven

I did an internship at eleven during my studies and I didn’t hesitate to come back when I had the opportunity to do so 2 years later. After an experience as a data scientist for a London-based fintech company, I wanted to work in an environment with high technical requirements but also strategic and entrepreneurial dimensions.

Arnaud – Consultant, Data Scientist

Polytechnique, Imperial College


Team | Eleven

During my last internship in banking during ESSEC, I contributed to the digitalization of several services. Wishing to continue along this path, I wanted to join a strategy consulting firm focused on innovation and data, serving companies’ best interests.

Aude – Case Team Leader

Essec Paris


Team | Eleven

I chose to join eleven because of its unique positioning, which allows me to be a data scientist as well as a strategy consultant. I wanted to work on business issues without abandoning the technical aspect, which is for me a true source of value creation.

Hélène – Consultant, Data Scientist

CentraleSupélec Paris


Team | Eleven

After a first experience in quantitative research I felt like I was drifting apart from my business side and focusing too much on the technical aspects of things. Eleven – throughout its vast portfolio of offers – provided me with an environment where I could tackle both business and technical issues.

Ismaïl – Case Team Leader, Data Scientist

HEC Paris, Polytechnique


Team | Eleven

After an academic path and first experiences in public administration, I was looking to join a strategy consulting firm in order to broaden my horizons by discovering various industries. The digital positioning of eleven has perfectly met this expectation, since the technological challenges we work on are common to many industries (new distribution channels, IoT, data exploitation…)

Christophe – Case Team Leader

Sciences Po Paris, HEC Paris


Team | Eleven

After four years as a researcher in the academy, I found a place where I can harness the acquired competences on real application. At eleven, I have the opportunity to develop my business sense and my data knowledge in an intellectually stimulating environment. I think that the synergy between data and business allows achieving tangible results in a limited time.

Pietro – Manager, Data Scientist

Politecnico di milano, PhD CentraleSupélec


Team | Eleven

I am convinced that the digital revolution is deeply transforming the processes of corporates’ strategic decision-making and has become key to beat competition. Thus, pursuing a career in digital consulting places me at the heart of the transformation in which I wished to evolve. Eleven appealed to me for several reasons: the firm specifically tackles the digital revolution challenges, including AI and Data Science, and rapidly gets its consultants exposed to high-impact projects.

Eric - Consultant, Data Scientist

CentraleSupélec Paris


Team | Eleven

After 3 years in a top 3 generalist management consulting firm, which allowed me to build solid consulting and methodological foundations as well as to gain knowledge on various industries and functions, I wanted to work in a more agile and entrepreneurial structure, and to finally specialize. Eleven offered me to fulfill both these desires, as well as to focus on the growth coming from digital opportunities.

Arnaud - Manager

Polytechnique, Mines de Paris


Team | Eleven

The two reasons why I joined eleven are part of its unique positioning : an undisputed expertise on digital and data, and a deeply-rooted entrepreneurial mindset. This mindset translates not only into consultants’ autonomy and high-level exposure during assignments, but also into the commitment of each consultant in elevens’ daily life and growth.

Mathilde - Senior Consultant

HEC Paris


Team | Eleven

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