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Maintenance optimization

Extending the life of road assets through predictive maintenance for a world leader in road concession

Our client, a world leader in road concessions, requested Eleven’s assistance to improve the maintenance strategy of its assets, resulting in a reduction of the environmental impact of interventions, an increase in the life span of road infrastructures and a reduction of associated costs.

Eleven developed a machine learning algorithm that improved the prediction of road infrastructure degradation, and implemented a data architecture and automated processing to put the model into production and integrate it into the BIM tools used by the client. This led to the definition of a new commercial infrastructure management offering, and the signing of a pilot with a state entity to develop the solution on a large scale.

Increased life span of road infrastructure

Reduction of CO2 emissions related to maintenance operations


of potential revenues estimated by 2022 from the new marketable prediction offer

20 à 30%

reduction in maintenance costs

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