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Start-up Factory

Acceleration and industrialization of disruptive BtoB solutions for a major energy player as part of its internal Start-up Factory

On behalf of a world leader in the energy sector, Eleven has accelerated, through its Start-up Studio and its consultants-entrepreneurs, more than 10 digital initiatives in different business units. For each of them, a three-phase methodology has been developed: (1) opportunity study (1 month), notably by analyzing the pain points of the various players of the value chain, (2) launch of an MVP (6 months), by leveraging Eleven’s technical expertise and its ecosystem of partners, and (3) industrialization (1 year), by relying on the technical and commercial expertise of the consultants and internal project leaders.

Within this framework, two independent business units have been created, and several products have been integrated into the client’s offerings.


innovation projects accelerated in the context of Start-up Studios and converted into profitable BUs or reintegrated into existing offerings

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