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Eco-design in the construction sector

For the European leader in precast concrete, design of a bridge made of reused concrete blocks, thanks to a traceability solution using IoT and RFID technologies

As part of a start-up studio for a leading player in prefabricated concrete, eleven has contributed to design and develop not only solutions but also offers around connected concrete.

Among the many use cases brought to the market, those based on traceability (via integrated NFC chips) are already business successes or are on their way to becoming ones.
One of them gives a second life to structural elements of buildings and infrastructures, opening the field of circular economy to precast concrete.
The concrete elements are uniquely identified, their life cycle is tracked and searchable, the methods for dismantling them are accessible (even 50 years after they were laid). They can be used in other constructions, drastically reducing the environmental impact.
The key to making the eco-designed blocks reusable was missing, but not anymore.

After a feasibility study, a road bridge was built with eco-designed blocks, which can be disassembled, already traced and will still be in the future thanks to NFC chips. Every day, several trucks use it. This is the “Circular Bridge” in the Netherlands.

Reduction of the environmental impact of the company’s activity through eco-design

Proof of the feasibility of eco-design solutions in the infrastructure construction industry

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