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Leveraging blockchain technology to maximise value

eleven is convinced that blockchain technology brings significant value when operated in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service model.

This mode of operation allows you to benefit from the undeniable advantages it offers, namely traceability, tamper-proofing, uniqueness and data transfer, without having to invest large amounts in back-end development.


Eleven supports its clients in:

  • identifying use cases that bring real added value to the company,
  • choosing the blockchain infrastructure best suited to the characteristics of the project (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, etc.),
  • developing a tailor-made solution at a lower cost by concentrating efforts on the front-end to offer a quality user experience.


The projects carried out by eleven lead to concrete achievements with an easily measurable ROI.

These projects may concern the fight against fraud, the improvement of transparency or the automation of certain processes.

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