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Using data and digital technologies to improve the social and environmental impact of our customers’ core processes and offerings.

How can companies apply their CSR strategy to change internal practices, improve their processes and offerings, and anticipate the deeper transformation of their business?

Although more than 80% of CAC 40 companies and 50% of SMBs state that they have a CSR approach, the operational application of this approach encounters obstacles linked to a limited ownership from teams (~50% of employees believe that CSR measures only affect certain functions) and results that are seen as insufficient (less than 10% of employees think that CSR has had an impact on the business).


In light of this observation, eleven uses data and digital technology to serve its clients’ CSR:

  • by accelerating CSR’s integration into companies’ core business processes and by objectivising their impact with data and digital technology,
  • by using data and digital technology to create innovative offers that generate economic, social and environmental value for the company and their clients.


Reconciling profitability and CSR with data and digital technology

  • Identifying root causes through a situation analysis and an issue-based approach,
  • Defining, quantifying, and measuring CSR performance indicators close to the business line,
  • Tracking the product/service from its production (upstream) to its use (downstream) thanks to data collection and traceability solutions,
  • Steering projects with digital platforms that bring different participants together in a give-and-take approach,
  • Frugal and low-tech innovation, in particular by sizing the solution according to the need,
  • Data ethics, in particular through the interpretability of algorithms, the identification of algorithm biases and privacy-by-design.

Business cases

Data-augmented building site monitoring | Eleven

Data-augmented building site monitoring

Building site monitoring improvement for a global constrction leader


New urban mobility | Eleven

New urban mobility

Development of new shared mobility, soft mobility and ticketless mobility business models for a leading public transport company in France


Fuel consumption optimization | Eleven

Fuel consumption optimization

Design, roll-out and industrialisation of a digital platform optimizing fuel consumption through a "give-to-take" logic with customers


Data use cases prioritization | Eleven

Data use cases prioritization

Prioritization and acceleration of high added value data use cases for a leading energy supplier in France


Leveraging building information modeling (BIM) | Eleven

Leveraging building information modeling (BIM)

Increase of assets lifetime through predictive models relying on data and on an interactive visualization platform (BIM) generating business and…


Railway predictive maintenance | Eleven

Railway predictive maintenance

Design of an optimized maintenance strategy for a railway concessionaire


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