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Strategic ideation

Unleash your team’s performance with the new possibilities offered by digital tools

Beyond the incremental improvements they can bring to historical models, digital technology and AI considerably broaden the scope of possibilities in terms of new business models, go-to-market strategies or innovative offers:

  • Platform models can create more disruptive situations by substituting assets that would previously have been unavoidable (SNCF vs BlaBlaCar),
  • Technology, and IoT in particular, help purely transactional models evolve into service models (“Servitisation”), allowing for both recurring revenue and a greater client proximity,
  • The business dynamics can be profoundly impacted by the development of digital technology, B2B and B2C marketplaces, or online sales directly by producers,
  • In some cases, our clients have assets that have been developed in-house for their own needs, typically know-how, data, tools or customer databases, which could be monetised as a product to other economic players.

Eleven helps you to map the range of possibilities through a structured approach that combines the voice of the customer, a detailed analysis of the evolution of your ecosystem, and eleven’s experience, especially for non-manufacturing cases. Then, these opportunities are prioritised to arrive at a short list of concrete projects that can be implemented in the short term.

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