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The Blockchain, a new era of traceability

Technological, economic and social disruption, the blockchain remains poorly understood, because it is complex and unique. It heralds a revolution on the scale of the Internet. On the 10th of August 2000, the daily newspaper Le Monde published the headline “Mad Cow Alert”, thus relaunching the 1996 food crisis, during which images of mass slaughtered […]

Interpretability of machine learning models

The development of machine learning models that process large amounts of data greatly improves the performance of predictions. Nevertheless, these models raise many questions about their interpretability, which can lead to rejection by business lines or customers using them. Data Scientists who wish to deploy these models must therefore propose a rigorous approach to improve […]

Les 29 technologies à forts enjeux stratégiques en 2019 selon Gartner

Comme chaque année, l’institut Gartner a dévoilé son cycle des technologies émergentes de 2019. Nous avons relevé les 29 technologies de demain que l’institut d’analyse considère comme étant porteuses des plus forts enjeux stratégiques. Les 29 technologies de 2019 à forts enjeux stratégiques – from Thibaut Watrigant  

Strategy consulting firm on Consultor’s 2018 ranking

eleven rated fastest growing strategy consulting firm on Consultor’s 2018 ranking, gaining 4 places! Consultor


The “unreasonable effectiveness” of data for machine-learning applications has been widely debated over the years (see here, here and here). It has also been suggested that many major breakthroughs in the field of Artificial Intelligence have not been constrained by algorithmic advances but by the availability of high-quality datasets (see here). The common thread running […]

Start-Up Studio, the corporate excubator

eleven creates one of the first start-up studio in Europe. Its aims at supporting large companies create and grow innovative start-ups of tomorrow. True incubator of disruptive projects, eleven brings to its customers agile methods and intrapreneurs to create and accelerate the go-to-market of these start-ups while maintaining a continuous connection between their internal teams […]

How candidates look at eleven?

In a word cloud #digital #innovation #challenge


“Hey Dad, do you use drones to deliver your products?” Above and beyond the bemused answer that “Dad” might give to his son, this kind of question will, increasingly, make the Supply-Chain Manager of tomorrow cringe. Indeed, there is a real disconnect between the daily headlines about the pure players and the reality of business. […]

Eleven at Polytechnique and HEC Paris Career Fairs

Eleven will attend the Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Paris career fairs on October 22nd and November 5th. Some of our consultants who are also X and HEC alumni will be at the disposal of students and recent graduates interested in strategy consulting and the challenges involved in the digital revolution. That will be an opportunity […]

Does the arrival of the Internet mean the end of natural monopolies?

The new digital monopolies – natural, beneficial or intolerable? A monopoly (from the Greek monos meaning “alone or single” and polein meaning “to sell”) exists when a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity.1 In popular culture, monopolies are generally associated with the campaigns that are launched to dismantle them.  […]

Ford T or the Long Tail?

The dimensions of product complexity Ever since the launch of the Ford T, when Henry Ford famously claimed that “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black”, firms have learnt to give customers what they want, with more and more people looking for customizable products […]

Did somebody say agile?

What can we learn from the latest trends in software design?   Many of the success stories to come out of the new economy have been generated by small businesses that started out in a “garage” using extremely agile processes. “Small is beautiful” was their motto. What we’re interested in finding out is whether these […]

From PC to multi-equipement

Beyond the impact on the front end and the back end, this organisation deeply impacts the struggle for power between IT players and also with the players on connected markets: Convergence between IT , content providers and network operators will become all the stiffer than cloud computing opens new perspectives for all players and most […]

The new offers and business models : from pay-as-you-go to the freemium model

The cloud enables start-ups to concentrate on the front end application without having too much to invest on the back end. The most successful ones have coped with their striking success and growth thanks to the cloud services. Otherwise they should have invested billions in servers and infrastructures and/or lower their level of services, which […]

What is « cloud computing »?

Nowadays, computing is so decisively impacting our everyday life that everybody should have heard about recent evolutions of computing. One of them is the full 180° reversion of a trend: computing devices went from large systems (one core computer with many screens) to an independent device (the Personal Computer) and recently to the “all-internet model”, […]

What’s next after iPhone ?

In four years, the iPhone has made most of the multimedia portable devices obsolete. During the iPhone launch keynote, Steve Jobs presented it as “an iPod, a Phone and an Internet communicator”, making useless music players and palmtop computers (like PDA). With mobile calendar and contacts synchronization, Palm and other “organisers” were out-dated. With the […]

The end of hardware, everything now is just software

The equipment rate in smartphone now exceeds 50% in some cities, and, with prices down, commoditization is inevitable. Today there are more people connected to the Internet via mobile devices than via a PC. But what is impressive is that a smartphone exceeds the PC in many ways: always connected, contacts, calendar and e mails […]