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Question answering

One of the primary applications made possible by the advent of LLMs is the ability to create customized chatbots using your own data. Do you need to sift through multiple reports spanning over a hundred pages for specific information? Have thousands of customer support emails from which you’d like to extract insights? Or perhaps you wish to make your company’s knowledge base more accessible to your employees? In all these scenarios, a personalized chatbot could significantly boost your productivity.

These chatbots rely on ‘Question Answering,’ a natural language processing (NLP) technique that facilitates interactive dialogue with textual documents. Regardless of the document’s format – be it PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc. – the chatbot can answer your queries, citing the exact sources from which it derived its response.

Eleven leverages its technical expertise to provide you with a chatbot that offers the best possible performance, ensuring its responses are both comprehensive and relevant.

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