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Problem solving

Struggling with a complex Excel file and can’t extract the information you need? Want to plot a graph from your data, but filtering and modifying that data seems daunting and time-consuming?

LLMs will handle these tasks for you if you communicate what you expect. Indeed, one of the primary strengths of these artificial intelligence models is their ability to comprehend human language.

Eleven provides your team with an interface that allows them to ‘converse’ with your databases or Excel files. This way, you can directly ask the LLM to execute queries on your data or plot the charts you desire. Here are some possible query examples:

  • ‘Identify the months when product “A” sales exceeded the annual average by more than 15% and compare these months with those when product “B” sales were below the average by 10% or more.’
  • ‘Draw a stacked bar chart showing the monthly revenues of products “A,” “B,” and “C,” but only for the months when product “D” had declining sales.’

With this tool, even team members who feel least proficient with Excel can quickly gain insights from intricate data.

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