Start-up studio

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Steve Jobs

Start-up Studio

To address quickly enough the tidal wave of exponential change powered by digital pure players, large Corporations must deal with it “from the outside in”, while maintaining a continuous link between their internal teams and the projects.

The eleven Start-Up Studio empowers market leaders of all sectors to launch breakthrough innovations in a 100% agile way:

  • Ideas are co-generated by both eleven and the executive committee of the Client, thanks to a unique methodology based on the analysis of potential threats and opportunities on the value chain
  • Start-ups are immediately created inside the eleven Start-Up Studio, and staffed with eleven entrepreneurs dedicated to each project
  • Each start-up follows a three phases critical path: exploration phase, building of the Minimum Viable Product, then go to market
  • This three phases process spans over an 18 months period and enables the quickest possible delivery of the project, without any need for the Client to create any kind of legal structure or to take any recruitment risk
  • At the end of each phase, for each start-up, the Client can decide to stop the process and, if need be, to launch new exploration phases on new topics
    The Client’s teams are fully involved in the projects, thanks to their participation to a “virtual board of directors” for each start-up
  • Last, at the end of the go to market phase, the Client can choose either to integrate the start-up who then becomes a new Business Unit in its organisation, or to keep it as a separate entity that can raise money on the private or public market.