Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Between the birth of the world and 2003, there were five exabytes of information created. We now create five exabytes every two days » Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, 2010. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, 2010

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Driven Company and Data Augmented Consultants

The amount and the variety of available data about customers increased significantly during the past few years…
And most data remains roughly unexploited!

Eleven developed a Smart Data approach, promptly providing relevant data analysis from « Data Science » tools, mainly derived from big data, without setting up a labyrinthine computer system.
This approach enables to delicately answer traditional questions that has been raised by most of businesses.
And because analysis does not mean anything without data and the action behind, we offer you our support and transformation methodology towards a « data driven company ».

Because we think this kind of challenge has to be addressed with an « end-to-end » approach, we have a Data Scientists team with a strong business orientation, as comfortable with your business challenges as in front of a mathematical model or an advanced algorithm.