Safely maintain your operations

We’re not going back to normal. Social distancing is here to stay for much more than a few weeks. It will upend our way of life, in some ways forever.

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eleven can accelerate the selection and implementation of the right digital and data solutions, which will enable your employees to safely perform their work and keep your business running despite Covid-19 constraints.

Here is a selection of short-term actions to help you tackle Covid-19 challenges:


For asset-intensive industries: continued execution of necessary site inspections and interventions despite limited physical interactions and travels for employees

Solutions combining Digital & AI that we can help you implement
  • Transition from recurrent preventive maintenance visits to targeted predictive maintenance interventions
  • Introduction of remote and automated site surveillance with cameras, drones and image recognition
  • Deployment of assistance applications with video and photo sharing features, enabling remote troubleshooting

Control of social distancing measures on the field to ensure employee safety

Solutions combining Digital & AI that we can help you implement
  • Procurement of bluetooth devices monitoring distance between employees and generating alerts in case of unauthorized proximity
  • Implementation of cameras with automatic proximity surveillance based on image recognition
  • Use of a visualization dashboard for managers to get an efficient overview of barrier gesture performance by employees and act accordingly

Adaptation of employee collaboration, as well as team & project animation, to the limitation of physical interactions related to the sanitary crisis

Solutions combining Digital & AI that we can help you implement
  • Democratization of the usage of online video conferencing and file sharing tools
  • Deployment of a collaborative platform to facilitate employee cooperation from a distance
  • Use of talent management software to streamline the recruiting process

Live suggestive planning to sequence the physical presence of employees at the workplace

Solutions combining Digital & AI that we can help you implement
  • Development of a planning module automatically allocating workdays at the office to employees, taking into account usable workspace (compliant with social distancing rules), project teams, potential individual preferences/constraints, etc.