Rethink client physical interactions

We’re not going back to normal. Social distancing is here to stay for much more than a few weeks. It will upend our way of life, in some ways forever.

MIT Technology Review


Welcome your customers in safe and optimized areas, by relying on tools combining AI and digital assessed and set up for you by eleven, to renew and quicken physical interactions as well as to relieve congestion in commercial and public spaces.

Here is a selection of short-term actions to help you tackle Covid-19 challenges:


For B2C/B2B retail players that partly sell offline: define a new raison d’être to offline stores, which should enable a distinctive experience as a complement to the steps of customer journey made online

Solutions combining Digital & AI that we can help you implement
  • Identification of strategic products particularly complex to present and promote on digital channels, to specifically highlight them in store
  • Deployment of Click & Collect

Rethink and equip retail points with the right AI and digital tools to enable social distancing measures

Solutions combining Digital & AI that we can help you implement
  • Deployment of contactless self-checkout solution (e.g. product scanning app)
  • Integration of 3rd party mobile payment options (e.g. Lydia)
  • Adjustment of product assortment to avoid congested spots, based on the collection of store frequentation data with sensors, and a data visualization dashboard with heatmaps
  • App to search location of searched goods and suggest flow