IOT and Factory 4.0

We are at the beginning of a story. We have a world to invent. Connected objects, e-health and other sectors that are emerging thanks to digital will generate growth and therefore employment. We must realize that digital is heavy industry. 

Yves Tyrode, CEO of CEO, April 2014

IOT and Factory 4.0

Boost the performance of your teams with the new opportunities inherent in digital tools. The digital transformation radically changes the way you operate your activities: from upstream to the closest to your customers; from the Supply Chain to sales channels (social networks, NFC…).

Innovations flourish, progress, and replace each other at a rapid pace, with value propositions that are not always apparent,

  • theoretical ROI,
  • significant costs,
  • experimental technologies

In all this, how can I concretely and quickly help my business?

Based on its close knowledge of new tech, eleven developed a nimble approach, gathering both analysis and experiments that may enable you to implement appropriate solutions that will quickly generate value for your company.

Some examples of eleven offers

  • IoT Strategy (Internet of Things – Connected Objects): which added value?
  • Impacts of digitalisation on the industrial and logistic master plan
  • Supply Chain optimisation: algorithms, tracking, order picking solutions
  • Factory 4.0: IoT, Data Science: Anomaly detection, Machine Learning…
  • Digital asset management, Predictive Maintenance