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Data Scientist? Join Us!

As a rapidly-expanding digital strategy consulting firm with double-digit growth, eleven is constantly on the look-out for talented data scientists keen to join the team.

Our unique positioning means that data scientists who join us will work in a fast-paced environment where data, innovation and strategy collide to deliver unique impact and results to our clients.

We are specifically looking for strategy-driven data-scientists


eleven is looking for all types of consultants along the data business continuum.

At eleven, you are not just a data scientist or just a strategy consultant ; rather, we look for people with a combination of business and data science skills, and all combinations of business and data skills are valuable and valued, because we firmly believe that both specialists and polyvalent people are needed.

As a data science consultant, you will deliver strategy-driven data science for key players in various industries and work on research projects to keep your knowledge at the forefront of AI techniques and technologies.

As a data augmented consultant, you will focus on producing innovative analyses and data visualization using your coding skills and data science insights.

In both cases, you will also:

  • Reshape the strategy of companies by establishing a clear vision on their data assets and opportunities
  • Help major corporates design their organizations and infrastructures towards data driven operations

As a member of the eleven team, you can choose to move along the data/business continuum during your career.


At eleven, you will work on the multiple challenges a company faces when embracing the AI revolution, from strategy to modelling and industrialization


How to apply


If your application is successful, you will be initially invited to attend an interview with a senior manager or consultant.


Once shortlisted following your initial interview, you will be invited to spend a half day in our offices, where you will have a series of interviews with managers and partners.


On to the last stage, you will be invited to a final interview with one of our partners to finalize our decision and to make you a firm offer, should we decide to proceed.