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Digital strategy

Spark the disruptive innovation that will generate your future revenues, define your digital strategy and activate a new business line.

The digital revolution is creating new business opportunities for those who know how to seize them! Digital technology has thus enabled the emergence of:

  • a multitude of start-ups with innovative ideas (MVP, lean start-ups, etc.)
  • new business models (Freemium, as a Service/“Pay as you…”, “Give to take”, etc.)
  • technological breakthrough innovations (Internet of Things, etc.)
  • new ways of thinking (zero marginal cost, collaborative economy, etc.)
  • new competitors (“uberisation”, intermediation, data strength, etc.)

… all of which can potentially lead to new revenue in the future!


What are the digital levers that can transform our core business and processes? How can we distinguish superfluous innovation from true opportunities for transformation?

Eleven is here to help you identify and define your strategy, drive team acceptance and then implement these new sources of revenue.


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