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Data science acceleration

Accelerating internal innovation

Have you designed or selected use cases and are now looking to implement them? Do you already have a team, or are you just looking to test concepts?

With our multidisciplinary team of data scientist consultants, we can support you and help speed up your projects.

Whether by carrying them out to speed things up or by supporting your teams to encourage the development of skills and ownership, you are certain of a high ROI.

Our Agile Data Thinking methodologies guarantee you a quick result that meets your needs.

We study the business case in order to respond to real problems with high stakes, and we implement state-of-the-art algorithms and architectures (Machine Learning, Neuron Networks, Computer Vision, NLP, Generative Design, etc.).

We also ensure the transfer of know-how to your teams, which we support in their development of skills thanks to our project support methodologies and the hundreds of hours of training that we adapt to suit your needs.

We are also able to support your teams in the field to ensure that they take ownership of and use the innovations put in place.

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