Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

As an innovative company, eleven aims at embedding responsibility and sustainability at the core of its business. We have therefore defined and implemented a corporate social responsibility policy, structured around four key pillars:

Diversity, development and well-being

Promote diversity, encourage development and ensure employees’ wellbeing:

  • Ensure a work environment fostering employees’ well being
  • Build professional paths through intensive trainings
  • Promote diversity and tackle discrimination
  • Encourage employees to contribute to the eleven mission

Environnmental impact

Mitigate our environmental impact:

  • Reduce raw material consumption (mainly paper and energy)
  • Reduce waste and promote recycling
  • Implement a clean transport policy to reduce our carbon footprint

Responsible practices

Adopt responsible practices as part of the selection and relationships with key stakeholders:

  • Ensure assignments are handled responsibly (e.g., data protection)
  • Ensure fiscal and social legislation are enforced
  • Select suppliers complying with our corporate social responsibility policy

Commitment to community

Play a positive role within the wider society, acting in favor of social and solidarity economy through:

  • Financial support to associations (the Sea Cleaners, ASA Madagascar, médecins sans frontières)
  • Probono missions for social players (e.g., Planet Finance)
  • Collaborations with social players as part of eleven core assignments (e.g., groupe ares)